Lead with confidence.

Sandbox matches employees with internal work they love.

Finally, a personalized guide to consistently high performing teams.

Sandbox’s individualized insights help you understand what uniquely motivates and engages your team members, so you stop playing guessing games.

Align the right people to the right work

Drive engagement with individualized, real-time insights

Develop equitable teams

Turn unconscious bias into conscious action

Retain and attract great talent

Right person, right project

Sandbox makes it simple to consistently drive high performing teams, giving you that “Yeah, my team is doing awesome!” feeling (and insights that back it up!)

Set up projects.

Easily add projects and tag them with descriptors and required skills. You’ll get the shortlist of the best internal talent, and your team members will see all the opportunities that align with their interests.

Review your shortlist.

Sandbox recommends project teams whose interests and skills align with the work, so you can be sure every team member is motivated and every initiative is a success.

Watch the team lean in.

When they’re interested in an opportunity, your employees can volunteer as project drivers, collaborators, or shadowers depending on their skill level.

Create meaningful change, backed by hard data.

Using Sandbox's insights managers see where DEI initiatives are falling short — and take the opportunity to correct course.

Tap into real-time insights.

Sandbox’s alignment gauge shows leaders in real-time who is disengaging from their work and likely to leave, without surveys.

Close knowledge gaps.

Sandbox makes it easy to close knowledge gaps on your team by pairing drive-level talent with collaborators or shadowers, so you don’t have to choose between developing talent and meeting goals.

Seize the opportunity

We get it, you have a lot on your plate. On Sandbox’s discover page, talent sees all the opportunities available to them, asks to do it, and does it well! Making your to-do list a to-done list.

View available projects.

Choose your interests.

Raise Your Hand to signal interest to your manager.

Select your skill level to shadow, collaborate, or drive projects.

Sandbox does the heavy lifting for you

We believe in partners, not customers. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with organizations to ensure our platform is not only the right fit, but also that everyone in the organization sees the value. Schedule a demo today to learn if Sandbox is the right fit for your organization!

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