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Introducing Sandbox for Slack

Keep track of your work, close DEI gaps, and prove your value to leadership with real-time insights.
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These great publications love Sandbox!

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It's time to prove our value

Whether you're consistently the person with the most work on their plate, always overlooked for the promotion, or chosen as the token diverse team member, you need a tool that proves your value.

Work where you are

Put your work into Sandbox for Slack to keep track of everything you do. When it comes time for reviews, you have a list of work to point to. 

Close DEI gaps

When putting together a project team, collaborate with the right colleagues based on interest and skillset, not the loudest person in the room. Their opportunity list will populate creating a workforce where everyone is lifted up, together.

Back it up with data

We've all been told to show our work, and now we actually can. With the intelligence dashboard, you finally have all your work and the impact you've created in one place. 

Purpose-powered work just got seamless

Together, Sandbox and Slack create the talent intelligence you need to lead with confidence. 
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