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Introducing Sandbox for Slack

You hired fantastic talent. Sandbox ensures every team member is connected, included, and developing along their unique career goals.
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Stop playing guessing games

We use intrinsic motivation and purpose to identify who is disengaged from work and how to uniquely re-inspire each team member.

Add an opportunity

Add a new project, initiative, or job to a Slack channel or automatically populate opportunities by connecting your account to one of our 5,000+ CRM, project management, job board, and sales integrations!

Collaborate with the right talent

Sandbox identifies and notifies team members who are interested in collaborating on your opportunity based on their unique profiles. Click "Add to Opportunity" to begin working together!

Keep your finger on the pulse

No downloads. No spreadsheets. Sandbox's Talent Intelligence Dashboard gives you clear insights on how to uniquely engage each team member, close DEI gaps, and retain your top talent. 

Purpose-powered work just got seamless

Sandbox gives you the insights you need to motivate your team and lead with confidence. 
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