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Management solutions for people-first leaders.

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ConnectFor helps leaders of any team size put the human back in people management with solutions from project staffing to ensuring no employee gets overlooked in the hybrid work shuffle.

Retain and attract great talent

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Align the right people to the right work

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Retain and attract great talent

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Drive engagement with individualized, real-time insights


Develop equitable teams

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Turn unconscious bias into conscious action

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Right person, right project

Capture your team's untapped potential to effectively leverage your talent.
Set up projects.

Easily add projects and tag them with descriptors and required skills. You’ll get the shortlist of the best internal talent, and your team members will see all the opportunities that align with their interests.

Review your shortlist.

Sandbox recommends project teams whose interests and skills align with the work, so you can be sure every team member is motived and every initiative is a success.

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Watch the team lean in.

When they’re interested in an opportunity, your employees can volunteer as project drivers, 
collaborators, or shadowers depending on their skill level.

Create meaningful change, 
backed by hard data.

Using Sandbox’s insights managers see where DEI initiatives are falling short — and take the opportunity to correct course.

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Tap into real-time insights.

Sandbox’s alignment gauge shows leaders in real-time who is disengaging from their work and likely to leave, without surveys.

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Close knowledge gaps.

Sandbox makes it easy to close knowledge gaps on your team by pairing drive-level talent with collaborators or shadowers, so you don’t have to choose between developing talent and meeting goals.

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Right person, right project

Capture your team's untapped potential to effectively leverage your talent.
View available projects.
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Choose your interests.
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Raise hand 
to signal interest to 
the manager.
Select skill level to shadow, collaborate, or drive projects.
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Giving managers the tools they need to align and develop their teams.

From employee development and staffing to diversity and inclusion, ConnectFor Work gives managers the tools they need to succeed.


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