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Grow your talent internally.

The internal marketplace that tells you exactly which internal candidates are right for the role.
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Grow talent wholistically, not just up the ladder.

Identify the right talent for the right roles so you can grow your team internally, no matter their goals.

Identify key internal candidates for open roles.

Post a job and immediately identify ideal internal candidates based on their interests, knowledge, and skillsets.

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Internal mobility has never been so simple, for everyone. 

Identify and promote top internal talent, before they start looking for new roles. 

For People teams

Attract and retain top, diverse talent with one, simple platform. No more engagement survey number crunching. Sandbox gives you the tools to systematically identify disengaging employees, re-inspire them, and retain them, all in real-time, and three clicks. 

For COOs

With Sandbox, re-orgs are a breeze! Know exactly which talent aligns to which roles, so you can make the best re-teaming decisions. Ensure your talent stays after the re-org because you put them in the exact role they want.

For employees

No need to consistently search the internal job board waiting for an opportunity to get posted. Sandbox recommends the right new internal role for you based on your unique goals and interests. 

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For People teams

Know exactly which talent is interested in your new opportunity, and capture them before they get a chance to look externally. Your talent will feel valued when they see you looking out for their car

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