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Engage your talent in SDG and ESG.

Drive impact by connecting talent to the initiatives they're uniquely interested in. 
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Take initiave

Give your organization the power to lean into the initiatives they care about. 

Align talent and purpose to strengthen impact.

From wellness events to larger ESG initiatives, Sandbox connects your team members with the opportunities they want to get involved in. Input an initiative and immediately identify the right talent team based on their unique purpose profile. No more events where only a few people show up.  

Learn more about aligning talent

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Create meaningful change, backed by hard data

Sandbox's wholistic approach helps you lean into your ESG and SDG goals.
Online Class
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For ESG Leaders

Enabling you to drive more impact, and measure it. All while taking work off your plate. Connect the right talent to the right initiatives to ensure everyone is making an impact. Unlock the initiatives your team is already involved with, deepening your impact. Purpose never felt seamless! 

For People Teams

Motivate and inspire your team members by unlocking what uniquely drives them. Align your initiatives with the right talent to ensure everyone shows up to events.  In a world where talent can work for anyone, they will be clamoring to work for you. 

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For Employees

Discover all the ways to lean into your sense of purpose and drive impact. In one view, raise your hand to get involved with initiatives you care about, and post opportunities you're involved with to connect with your colleagues and have them join you!  

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