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Our Features

ConnectFor Work knows employees' professional interests and helps managers staff them on projects they are actually excited about! The revolutionary platform leverages employees' professional interests to enable development, close diversity and inclusion gaps, and re-engage employees before they leave the organization, all in a real-time, seamless platform. 


Employee Development

For the first time, managers have complete insight into how their employees are developing across their professional interests. With a simple dashboard view, managers gain real-time insight into the learning and growth of each employee. Learning goals are no longer just for year-end reviews! Seamlessly manage, develop, and grow your team year-round.


Project Team Recommendations

ConnectFor Work recommends the best team members for a project based on the project topics and the employees’ interests. Managers directly add an employee to a project, ensuring they are providing the right opportunities to the right team members. No more guessing games and relying on memory; the management you've been trying to achieve is now at your finger tips!

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Real-Time, Actionable, Diversity Insights


Employee Engagement Alerts

Through our unique platform, ConnectFor Work knows when employees are disengaging from their work and are likely to leave. Managers and organizations now have the never-before accessible power to re-engage an employee before they begin to look for opportunities outside the organization.

We show managers, in real-time, how inclusively opportunity has been provided across their team and how aligned those opportunities are with each employees’ professional interests. Beyond the dashboard, managers are able to click into an employee to see their professional development over time and directly add them to opportunities that align with their interests.


Employee Empowerment

Eliminate the intimidation and unconscious bias that occurs when employees have to speak up for what they want. ConnectFor Work empowers employees to raise their hands for opportunities within the platform. Managers will know exactly what each employee wants, and employees know their voice was heard. What's more, in-office and remote workers are all in the loop, no more worrying if someone may be missing out!


Opportunity Marketplace

Flexibility to use platform for team, department, or the entire company. ConnectFor is designed so you can use the platform in the way that works best for your organizational needs. Project staffing, cross-team innovation, or a complete opportunity marketplace. You can choose one or all three! We've got you covered

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