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About us

Hey there, it's nice to meet you! We're Sandbox, a software powering company by aligning talent with the projects, initiatives, and jobs that fuel their sense of purpose.

Who we are

We built Sandbox on the simple premise that when people love their work, they do better work! 


Organizations are made up of a collection of individuals coming together around a shared desire to make the same large impact. You hired amazing team members who want to do great work for your organization. They want to succeed and see the company flourish! But keeping everyone motivated and inspired is more challenging than ever before. 

That's where we come in. We know that in order for people to love their work, they need to feel it connects to their unique sense of purpose, as well as the larger impact. Sandbox acts as a personalized guide to consistently motivated team members. 

Our Purpose

There are over 100,000,000 articles to help employees speak up at work. But relying on employees voicing what they want ignores cultural and unconscious biases that exist in the workplace. Women and minorities are statistically less likely to advocate for themselves at work, and less likely to be heard when they do speak up. Solely relying on employees to speak with managers leaves over half of the workforce out of the conversation. 

Our solutions aim to level this playing field. By providing a platform for employees to input their professional interests and surfacing these to managers when creating a new project, we eliminate the need to "speak up" and the subsequent bias that occurs. What's more, we help managers stay accountable on how equitably they provide opportunity, ensuring every employee is given an equal opportunity to love their work. 

Proudly female-founded

Danielle's career journey started out like many other 22-year-olds at the time. Out of college, she landed an interesting and challenging role at a wonderful organization. Fully expecting to work her way up and help the organization change the face of media, Danielle hit an unexpected problem. 

Her work started out very aligned to her sense of purpose. She was motivated by the problems her day-to-


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